Bluekey was founded with the goal of delivering industry leading product solutions encompassing a vast range of applications and user experience. With over 10 years of experience in every aspect of product design, development, manufacturing and management, Bluekey excels at turnkey product development as well as specific process solutions. Dedicated to innovation, Bluekey constantly strives to discover new and effective ways of harnessing existing and cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and productivity without compromise and at exceptionally competitive prices.

With Engineering & Design resources in Australia and Hong Kong we are able to ensure that we deliver you the most up to date solution for the fast pace of todays market.


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Bluekey has been responsible for the design, development and manufacture of multiple successful, cutting-edge products for world leading organisations, some of which have taken the time to write to us and express their gratitude and support.


Servicing the Law & Justice community both in Australia & New Zealand our clients not only expect the best but demand it. From mission critical applications to Electronic court rooms Bluekey has not only been able to Design and Develop the products required for our unique requests, but delivery the quality and reliability that is essential to our projects. They have provided & continue to provide us with exceptional service and support &  we value Bluekey as part of our solutions team.


Ben Paterson

CTO Evidence Technology


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Developing and offering the latest in LED lighting technology to both the consumer & Industrial market across the globe has been full of challenges. The team at Bluekey have been fantastic in helping us achieve this with both electronics and industrial design.  They have been with us every step of the way ensuring the product is ready for any market that we move into. This allows us to concentrate on running our business and selling lighting solutions.

Ellen Chang

Operations Manager FireFlyLED


I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at Bluekey. When I first came up with idea for the bubGUARD it was little more than a few rough sketches and some basic research into the marketplace. Bluekey helped me refine the concept and took me all the way through the process of design and development and everything necessary to get my product into stores. I’ve always believed in the importance of assuring the safety of young children and Jai Bentley and the team at Bluekey provided me the key to taking my idea and transforming it into a viable product in peoples homes helping to keep children safe.


Melanie Cochrane