Bluekey harnesses technology, excellence and innovation to excel in the design, development and production of outstanding products and user experiences, improving efficiency, lowering costs and delivering results.It provides the key to unlocking your solution. Here are some common questions.


Please Contact-Us & our Staff will help you with your product inquiry.


Is there a Minimum Order Quantity ( MOQ ) for manufacturing?

The Short answer is No. We have  great relationships with manufacturers that we are able to offer you offshore manufacturing in China with small quantities such as 100 pieces. Of course the higher the volume the lower the price will be. On average we are able to save you 30% on your current manufacturing costs.


I have an idea for a new product, but i don’t know where to start.

You have come to the right place, Contact Us and we will will guide you through the process. We will let you know what the steps are and can arrange to provide you with a no obligation quote. We can also send you our requirements document to help you detail your product idea into easy questions to help us understand and arrange a quote for you.


Im worried about my idea being stolen.

We go to great lengths to protect Intellectual property, we have an Non Disclosure Agreement NDA that we can send you prior to you telling us you idea. We can also recommend Patient Lawyers to help you patient and protect your idea world wide.


What are the costs involved?

This is a hard question to answer without knowing and understanding your product. If you have an existing product we are generally able to save you 30% on you manufacturing costs for small runs. If you are looking to develop a new product from the beginning it can range greatly. Often the biggest cost is in the tooling for making the plastic and metal parts. We will sit down with you and go through the costs involved from the start through to manufacturing so you know where you are going on this journey


I want to make a iPhone, iPad Application ( App ) ?

Great we can help you with this. This is a great way to develop your first product as only software is involved the costs to get it to market are much lower than hardware based products. We are now able to mockup your app quickly to show you what your idea looks like on the screen, to ensure we deliver your vision.


Can I make my existing product controlled from a Smartphone, iPhone, iPad ?

Yes….. And its easier than you think Bluetooth 4 BLE is a great way to add smartphone iPhone or Android control to your existing product. Its cheap, wireless and can be integrated into most existing products quickly.  As we have the basics sorted out we are able to offer great pricing for Hardware, Software and Application development as a package. Get your company in the app store today.